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97% of the information on the planet is digitized. And most of this information is produced by us, through the Internet and wireless communication networks. When we communicate, we transform a good part of our lives into digital records. And therefore communicable and accessible through interconnection of network files. With an individual identification. A barcode The DNI. That connects with our credit cards, our health card, our bank account, our personal and professional history -including domicile-, our computers -each with their code number-, our email -required by banks and Internet companies- , our driving license, car registration, the trips we have made, our consumption habits -detected by card purchases or online-, our reading habits and music -sensitiveness of the websites we frequent-, our presence in social media -like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr or Twitter and many others-, our searches in Google or Yahoo and a long digital etcetera

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Best payday loans online for bad credit -Quick app, instant decision

Online payday lenders bad credit: Quick app, instant decision, no hidden fees In today’s Denmark, it has become extremely easy and quick to borrow money for consumption or for that matter everything you need. There is an online loan company PaydayChampion.com that offers online payday loans for bad credit. All these types of quick loans […]

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What are the benefits of a Credit Line?

Everyday, there are many situations in which additional financial resources are urgently needed. If you do not have the money and the ability to borrow from relatives or friends, a Credit Line can serve as practical support for short term financial difficulties. Relatively fast and handy support for different situations A credit line is an […]

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The crisis volatilizes the wealth accumulated by families in a decade

Families have lost almost half of the money they had invested in the stock market at the beginning of the crisis, 181,079 million euros The crisis has volatilized the wealth accumulated by families in the last decade. Only in the last five years have they lost 180,788 million euros. This situation has aggravated the so-called […]

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