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the useless fashion slimming supplement

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More than any other slimming supplement products based or containing (or claim to contain) Garcinia cambogia are the most of what this overpopulated world is concerned . Forget the artichoke , the green tea , the coffee of the same color , the phaseolamine or any other chupi-product that crosses your mind. The truth is […]

COMMUNIQUÉ: CryoLife announces that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire JOTEC (1)

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 a leading tissue and medical products processing company dedicated to cardiac and vascular surgery, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire JOTEC AG (” JOTEC “). JOTEC, based in Germany, is a private developer of technologically differentiated endovascular stent grafts and cardiac and vascular surgical grafts, focused on aortic repair. The […]

Guarded and sold

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In that digitized and connected world, the State watches over us and Capital sells us; that is, sells our life transformed into data 97% of the information on the planet is digitized. And most of this information is produced by us, through the Internet and wireless communication networks. When we communicate, we transform a good […]