written by Bernd Lauberg Focus-Money is examining which providers have

the best mortgage lending for 2016 in a recent review. Who aspires to a real estate purchase or house construction, should now search among the test winners for the personally best mortgage lending. Because a new investigation shows that the interest on construction money will rise again in the 

In the current issue of Focus-Money (47/2015), together with the experts from ServiceValue, they are looking for the best mortgage lending for 2016. Because even if the interest rate is currently very low, it is not worth the first offer to accept. Other factors, such as good advice, financial stability of the provider and excellent service , should be respected. After all, real estate financing is a long-term endeavor. “The financing must not wobble,” according to the conclusion of the testers.

Best mortgage lending for 2016 at these fair providers

Best mortgage lending for 2016 at these fair providers


In search of the best mortgage lending for 2016, a total of 24 providers were scrutinized. In addition to the conditions such as the interest rate, the quality of the advice and the service were also the focus of the investigation. Around 1,600 customers were asked about their experience with banks and mortgage lenders . Providers with above-average scores in the various categories received the rating “good” and the rating “fair mortgage lender”. Four banks and two intermediaries even achieved the best rating “very good”:

Is it worth it to wait with the mortgage?

In times of high interest rates, it may well be worthwhile to pay longer for rent and to save more capital and to wait for lower construction interest rates. At the moment, however , the conditions for mortgage lending are cheaper than ever . According to a report by Cash Online, the interest rates for mortgage lending have even fallen again in November 2015. According to this, Interhyp charges about 0.4 percentage points less for ten-year loans in November than in the summer months.

Consumers who plan to buy a property anyway should therefore now check whether they want to tackle mortgage lending. Even if a sudden increase in construction interest rates can not be expected in the next few months, experts still expect construction loans to rise in the medium to long term . This is also dependent on the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve. Instead of playing here on time , it is advisable for future builders with sufficient equity and regular income, to decide promptly for financing.